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The Age of the Internet, Surveillance and Profit


  There is several interesting aspects to the development of the Internet. One of the most important ones to point out is that as the Internet was developed it also developed to be not only a pioneer but also a ...

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Safe Harbour


In 2000 the European Commission passed a set of principles proposed by the US Department of Commerce that provided adequate protection of personal data of EU citizens . That agreement made it possible for companies in the US to transfer ...

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Digital Democracy – is it time to Quantify Politics ?

house of commons

Fitbit for the Parliament? General Elections in UK in 2015 suffered from a relatively low turnout,  attracting  only 66% of eligible voters, with only about 43% of young voters taking part . This number is down from 2010 despite the ...

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RUSI report – a box ticking exercise?


The recent Royal United Services Institute (RUSI) surveillance review, despite offering a few welcome recommendations, is far from ground-breaking. Comfortably falling between the Intelligence and Security Committee and David Anderson reports on a progressive solutions scale, the review is just ...

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Digital Citizenship: from liberal privilege to democratic emancipation

richard arty

On the anniversary of the Magna Carta, Richard Barbrook calls for a new debate on the conception of citizenship. ‘Government founded… on a system of universal peace, on the indefeasible hereditary Rights of Man … interests not particular individuals, but ...

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Lost Dreams of the American Future


Interstellar travel, nuclear fusion for everyone and thinking machines: The 1964 New York World’s Fair promised a new revolution of everyday life, an age of understanding. Far from visions of peace and progress, beneath the façade, a celebration of world ...

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SUMMARY: The Future of Gaming

img w overlay 2

Looking back on GAME ON: Reclaim the Game – 25th November 2014 “The right man in the wrong place can make all the difference in the world” (Half-Life II). This quote could have been written about William Latham, the charismatic ...

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The Cloud: We’re Doing It Wrong


James Moulding on the need to look beyond the corporate cloud to radically decentralised, secure and sustainable storage solutions. “It is time for the cloud to truly become a cloud, made up of a vast multitude of resource droplets that ...

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Summary- Surveillance: What Should be Done?

Eva Pascoe

How do we take back the Internet for ourselves, as Edward Snowden wants us to? Tuesday, 25 March 2014, London. The video of the event: choose your speaker via the playlist on the side bar! Summary written by Alexandra Reynolds (edit ...

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The Surveillance Debate – Shaken But Not Stirred


by Eva Pascoe James Bond girls are not cast for their bravery, as the size of their bikini seems to be more vital, but M (or rather Dame Judi Dench) is seen an example of a tough female character, admired ...

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