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Digital Citizenship: from liberal privilege to democratic emancipation

richard arty

On the anniversary of the Magna Carta, Richard Barbrook calls for a new debate on the conception of citizenship. ‘Government founded… on a system of universal peace, on the indefeasible hereditary Rights of Man … interests not particular individuals, but ...

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Lost Dreams of the American Future


Interstellar travel, nuclear fusion for everyone and thinking machines: The 1964 New York World’s Fair promised a new revolution of everyday life, an age of understanding. Far from visions of peace and progress, beneath the façade, a celebration of world ...

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Summary- Surveillance: What Should be Done?

Eva Pascoe

How do we take back the Internet for ourselves, as Edward Snowden wants us to? Tuesday, 25 March 2014, London. The video of the event: choose your speaker via the playlist on the side bar! Summary written by Alexandra Reynolds (edit ...

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A Response to Evgeny Morozov

morozov_at Cybersalon2

Dave King responds to Evgeny Morozov and Richard Barbrook at Cybersalon. Evgeny’s critiques of techno-progression are very welcome, and his emphasis on a political understanding of technology in its economic and social context is important. His examples and analyses are ...

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Summary of Evgeny Morozov – Xmas Lecture

van Rensburg, Barbrook, Morozov (L to R)

What Does it Mean to be Critical of Technology Today?   Evgeny Morozov Morozov begins by stating he chose this specific title for his talk as a result of having been repeatedly pigeonholed as a cyber-critic. In fact, Morozov has become ...

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Imaginary futures: frozen and fluid time- Richard Barbrook

15 May 2007 Like artificial intelligence, the concept of the information society is an old acquaintance. For decades, politicians, pundits and experts have been telling the citizens of the developed world that the arrival of this digital utopia is imminent. ...

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The Holy Fools- Richard Barbrook

The Lost Utopia The Net is haunted by the disappointed hopes of the Sixties. Because this new technology symbolises another period of rapid change, many contemporary commentators look back to the stalled revolution of thirty years ago to explain what ...

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The Hi-Tech Gift Economy- Richard Barbrook

The Legacy of the New Left “… when … [Ben Slivka] suggested that Microsoft consider giving away its browser, à la Netscape, Gates exploded and called him a ‘communist’ … [1] The Net is haunted by the disappointed hopes of ...

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Class of The New- Richard Barbrook

Book Cover

Netizens, elancers, cognitarians, swarm-capitalists, hackers, produsumers, knowledge workers, pro-ams… these are just a few of the monikers that have been applied to the new social class emerging from the networked workplace. Download the Book for free from the Class of ...

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The Californian Ideology by Richard Barbrook and Andy Cameron

“Not to lie about the future is impossible and one can lie about it at will” – Naum Gabo [1] As the Dam Bursts… At the end of the twentieth century, the long predicted convergence of the media, computing and ...

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