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The Risk of Disconnect: raising kids in the digital realm

As screens come to capture our every waking moment, Morgan Reede assesses the impact of  technology on the relationship between parent and child. Part of our inherent nature as humans is the innate curiosity we have to want to understand ...

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Digital Bill of Rights – A Call to Action!


Tim Berners Lee invented the World Wide Web as an ‘Internet for everyone’. He offered this invention as an open-source digital commons for all of us to use and share. Tim built on existing technologies such as the Transmission Control ...

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Digital Citizenship – Give us the tools and we’ll finish the job


Digital Britain: a passive theatre or wired carnival?   By Eva Pascoe, Chair and Co-Founder of Cybersalon Digital Futures Think-tank A recent poll has indicated that 70% of 18-22 year olds are disengaged from the political process and shunning both ...

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Cybersalon investigates: Gamergate


Cybersalon’s favourite gamergirl asks the who, what, why on Gamergate…

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Vintage Computer Games- Sex Tetris and Grim Fandango


By Niki Gomez Way back then in 1999 I was working in one of the early cyber cafés, in Brussels an amazing visionary place called The Cybertheatre, part funded by the company Silicon Graphics (what happened to them?) and the ...

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Game On: What are we playing? – Hotline Miami


I have been aware of Hotline Miami on the periphery. I never tried my hand at it because the graphics of the screen shots turned me off, on the face off it an 8-bit mess, as well it being a ...

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DIGITAL REVOLUTION: How far we’ve come


Jim Boulton, co-curator of the recent Barbican exhibition Digital Revolution, on the the influences behind the exhibition and how far we’ve come in terms of a digital culture. I was lucky enough to be involved with Digital Revolution this summer, ...

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War is Hell in This War of Mine


James Moulding on the newly released spiritual successor to Papers Please, This War of Mine. So I played This War of Mine. A much needed balance to a dominant gamer culture of shoot-first-ask-questions-never. It’s depressing, it’s believable. It’s probably an approximate simulation ...

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PROJECT CYBERSYN: Chile & the Socialist Internet


6th December 2014 C1.18 (The Pavilion), University of Westminster, 115 New Cavendish Street, W1W 6UW London Free! Cybersalon, in conjunction with the Centre for the Study of Democracy, University of Westminster and Spring invites you to a special set of ...

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Opening up Parking Data


Advancing Sustainability Ltd Opening up Parking Data June 2014 Contact: Dr Chris Tuppen Advancing Sustainability Ltd chris.tuppen@advancingsustainability.com +44 (0)7710 039337 Advancing Sustainability Ltd specialises in smart cities, sustainability impact assessments in the ICT sector and circular economy metrics. It has ...

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