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A Political Evaluation of Bitcoin


Bitcoin is a complex phenomenon, and it is a landmark development, even a technological singularity, for good or ill. At the P2P Foundation, we also have complicated feelings about it, writes Michel Bauwens. The Positive Aspects of Bitcoin Let us ...

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The Cloud: We’re Doing It Wrong


James Moulding on the need to look beyond the corporate cloud to radically decentralised, secure and sustainable storage solutions. “It is time for the cloud to truly become a cloud, made up of a vast multitude of resource droplets that ...

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Women and Bitcoin

Women of Bitcoin by Mon Corpus

Richard Boase on women’s reactions to bitcoin and why this may be, based on Hal Finney’s 2007 seminal blog entry. He heralds those women who are making large contributions to the movement. The first time I heard about bitcoin was ...

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Is Bitcoin a Disruptive Innovation?

disrupting money

By Niki Gomez Is Bitcoin a disruptive innovation? A talk for MBAs at Portsmouth Business School, UK from nikig I do believe Bitcoin might be as important an innovation as the Internet itself. When I first heard that claim, I ...

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Cypherpunks, Bitcoin & the Myth of Satoshi Nakamoto


Introduction As a movement, Cypherpunk is more nuanced, more serious and more focused than Cyberpunk. Like all good punk movements, Cypherpunk is radical by design and fanatical in its end goal of disrupting the status-quo. If we couldn’t see Cypherpunk ...

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Cybersalon visit London’s ‘Bitcoin squat’


This article appeared on Wired‘s website 15 MAY 13 by NIKI GOMEZ This is a guest post by Niki Gomez, a Digital Strategist and co-founder of Cybersalon, a thinktank on net culture. She’s a graduate of MIT and works between ...

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Summary: Net Politics – April 24th 2013


Part of the Then and Now Series of Talks Bitcoin hacker speaks about financial freedom Event Summary- by Eva Pascoe, Alexandra Reynolds & Niki Gomez On an unusually hot and steamy April day our regular hangout Arts Catalyst (Clerkenwell, London) ...

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Reading for Net Politics Event- 24 April 2013


– The Californian Ideology by Richard Barbrook and Andy Cameron (Richard will be updating it at the event) – “Social media is changing politics across Europe…” Beppe Grillo and the M5S by Jamie Bartlett et al – Bitcoin Ends the Taboo on Money by Jaromil – ...

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