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Digital Democracy Manifesto workshop


Digital Democracy Manifesto team for an afternoon workshop on 27 November at Newspeak House exploring digital deliberation and how can we can design online participatory processes that work for and empower everyone. In collaboration with Cybersalon and Digital Liberties Register on our ...

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Radical Data coming next week – Monday 12th October 2015, 6.30pm, 146 BrickLane

radical data

Cybersalon  Radical Data is coming on the 12th of October! Meet the speakers, get ready for the debate.   Is the hipster coffee culture about to implode? Matthew Hopkinson, the pioneer data scientist for the High Street and UK cities is ...

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Smart City – are we repeating the past?


Athens about 3000 BC was the Smart City of all times – are we repeating their mistakes?  Write up from Cybersalon “Data-To-The-People” conference in Athens, Sep 2015 (Wendy Grossman) Read here.                   Can ...

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Hack the Future – September 14th 2015


Big week on line – against all odds and super antagonistic press  and BBC Jeremy Corbyn wins Labour leadership campaign. An intense, focused,  hybrid social media-cum-hustings campaign and online voting option for the elections brought the victory. In May 2015 less ...

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Next Cybersalon events and reads – 6th of September 2015


New Cybersalon Events – pencil in the date! EVENT: 12th October, Monday, Brick Lane, 6.30pm at LBI Digitas  (drinks sponsored by Hydro 66) Radical Data – You Future has been Digitised Chaired by David Wood from London Futurists, the debate will bring the voices ...

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What is wrong with cybersecurity?! – 30th August 2015


This week on Cybersalon… Tough week for cybersecurity from Mums to cheaters alike – here the top reads from Cybersalon   Are we in an AI killer robot arms race that is increasing the chances of war? Future of Life ...

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What would George Orwell say?! – 23rd August 2015


This week on Cybersalon… Simon Sarginson gives us the news of what the Code and Digital Fabrication seminar in Anderson Ranch is like while we examine the freedom for robots and wonder what George Orwell would think of our Surveillance technologies ...

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Why Jaron Lanier killed Akibo dog? – 16th of August 2015

jaron lanier

Our data is being collected. But how is it being used? Is it just innocent advertising or are we facing an invasion of our privacy without even realising? Also this week: how and what tools do we use? Wendy Grossman ...

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Parenthood 2.0 and the freedom to learn – 9th of August 2015


On Cybersalon… Got kids? What rights should the under 18 year olds have online? “The Risk of Disconnect  – raising kids in the digital realm”  – thinking through Parenthood 2.0  with Morgan Reede link   Dream of Internet Freedom is dying – says Granick (long ...

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Would you let a stranger browse your mobile phone? – 2nd of August 2015


What’s new on Cybersalon.org Surveillance Report by Royal United Services Institute (RUSI) – a new voice in the debate read here This week on the internet… RUSI shows conservative bias by appointing William Hague as chairman – read in The Guardian Would you let ...

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