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Facts are scarred – Net.Wars by Wendy Grossman

Originally published on pelicancrossing.net The late Simon Hoggart once wrote that the reason to take the trouble to debunk apparently harmless paranormal beliefs was this: they were “background noise, interfering with the truth”. There were, at the time, many people ...

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The illusion of sovereignty – Net.Wars by Wendy Grossman


In the mid 1990s, John Perry Barlow, who later (1996) fleshed out his thinking in A Declaration of the Independence of Cyberspace, used to say that on the internet everything is global and everything is local, but nothing is national. He’s ...

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Unlinked – Net.Wars by Wendy Grossman

Originally posted on pelicancrossing.net When he was creating the World Wide Web, Tim Berners-Lee did two things of note. The first was to invent the thing. The other was to make it free. I’m sure he talked about it on ...

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Return of the penguin – NetWars by Wendy Grossman


Originally published on net.wars Back in January, a motherboard malfunction led me to move my desktop machine to Linux. Some effort later, and I was mostly up and running – at least, able to work. What happened next is hard to describe. ...

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Benidorm Syndrome of Online Comments – NetWars by Wendy Grossman


Originally published on net.wars In line with increasing numbers of news sites – Popular Science, The Verge and the Daily Dot, Mic – National Public Radio has decided to get rid of its comments. The reasoning, ombudsman Elizabeth Jenkins writes, is based on numbers familiar in outline ...

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Privacy in the Age of Pokemon – Nets.Wars by Wendy Grossman


Originally published on pelicancrossing.net “They’d probably do something stupid anyway, whether it was texting or email, or something else,” he said. He was maybe teens, maybe early 20s, standing in front of the house opposite mine with a similarly-aged friend. ...

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Legislating the sea of holes – Net.Wars by Wendy Grossman


This is a sort-of summary of Wendy’s Tuesday evening talk at DC4420 – originally published on Net.Wars Loopholes within loopholes, the EFF called the draft Investigatory Powers bill last November. The bill enshrines a long-held wishlist of policies; in his 2012 submission ...

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Staying in – Net.Wars by Wendy Grossman


Originally posted on pelicancrossing.net on June 18th, 2016 The talking point going around the conference I’m attending in The Hague this week: no matter how the UK votes in the June 23 EU referendum, in 2017 Britain will nonetheless have ...

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Dinosaur bones – Net.Wars by Wendy Grossman


Originally posted on net.wars on June 10th 2016 In the recent documentary film Democracy: Im Rausch der Daten, Panoptykon founder Katarzyna Szymielewicz comments that it’s important not to get tangled up in answering the question, “Where’s the harm?” because it reverses ...

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The Blockchain Menu by Wendy Grossman


Originally posted on net.wars on April 22nd 2016 The Internet of Things is such an established concept that I’m startled to note that week’s (Lego) prototype was my first. Three cars want to park…somewhere. Their owners have preset the maximum ...

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